Brief Buying Guide for Toy Drones

It is an agreeable fact that kids of all ages always love to fly toys as much as adults do. Recently, drones have captured the attention of kids who have formerly run cars and other vehicles using a remote control. However, even those having no former experience in operating remote controlled toys are getting attracted to fly drones, perhaps because they wish to be pilots in their near future. What parents need to understand is that kids are never too naive to start. Just as they took no time in playing games on an iPad or Xbox, they can be pretty speedier than adults in exploring a drone flight.

Safety Comes First…


The market is available with plenty of mini drones for kids. However, not all are ideal for all kids. This is because each kid’s preferences and choices are distinct. Above all, as a parent, you are supposed to ensure drone child safety before satisfying the quench of young dronethusiasts. At the same time, the kid drone that you choose should not break the bank while being affordable and highly recommended.


Deciding which drone is safe for your youngster as per the age is essential for several reasons. Drones come with several rapidly moving parts such as propellers that can hurt the kid’s small fingers, hand, or even eyes. They may have too sharp edges or small parts inflicting a choking hazard. Therefore, it is extremely wise to ensure that the drone is matured enough to keep hazards out of reach of the small ones.


It is obvious that personally supervised kids are safer than those who are not! Just as in case with other toys, you as a parent know what is best drone for your small one. Moreover, you are also responsible for ensuring that drones fly in suitable, unbanned places. This means you need to be familiar about the new and present laws related to the drone use in your area. Federal Aviation Administration or FAA has already specified some drone usage regulations for kids, which are as follows in the forms of dos and don’ts.


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  • Fly the drone or unmanned aircraft below 400 feet and within the line of sight
  • Fly with local clubs
  • Learn before flying
  • Always inspect the drone before use
  • Fly only for fun

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  • Avoid flying a drone beyond the line of sight
  • Avoid flying near any airport or manned aircraft
  • Never fly near stadiums or people
  • Do not fly a drone that is over 55 lbs.
  • Do not fly for commercial or payment purpose
  • Avoid being careless or reckless


No matter which drone toy you buy for your kid, it is essential to consider child safety as per these regulations. After all, it is the responsibility of the parents to take up the vital precautions so that safety is ensured from all angles of use.


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What to Look for Apart from Safety


  • The Place of Use: Before selecting a drone for kids, you need to know where you will be using it. Most parents prefer a small indoor drone for their kids because it is easy to play with it at any point of time. Flying outdoors mandates the parental company with proper planning. Moreover, even the weather needs to be favorable. So, you can decide as per your preferences. You can consider having a well working drone in outdoors and giving some good practice indoors.


  • Stability: Look for stabilization with gyroscope for proper control and stability. Usually, parents prefer such a smart drone for self-rectification ability to go in the right direction, which is necessary when kids are operating. Go for a 6-axis gyroscope.


  • Modes and Speeds: Prefer a drone that comes with the ability to adjust sensitivity of controls. This allows you to fine-tune the tilting and turning response or to make them less sharp to prevent diving all across the place while rectifying the direction. Most Quadcopters come with this control setting.


  • Guards: This is perhaps a protective feature. Guards or fences defend the rotors from outdoor hurdles such as trees and indoor wall collisions. Most models come with the ability to discard guards once the user is confident. Such mechanism increases the speed as well as responsiveness of the drone as well.


  • Parts Availability: Kids drones are susceptible to crashes. Therefore, it is worth getting a mini drone for kids which parts such as propellers, batteries, and struts are easily available as well as affordable.
  • Syma X1 4 Channel 2.4G RC Quad Spacecraft:

Completely different flying experience through flips, control, and balance


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  • WL Toys V262 UFO 6-axis Gyro Quadcopter:



Extremely stable experience with the ability to self-level, adjust easily at the time of flying, removable protectors around the blades, and Trick Mode for messing around with fun


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  • Parrot Rolling Spider Mini Drone:



For older kids who love rolling anywhere, up the wall or across the lawn, or flying with removable wheels; highly stable and ultra-compact design, built-in FPV camera for good shots, controlled by the Bluetooth-smart FreeFlight 3 application on a tab or smartphone, amazing aerobics with 360 degree flips or up to 180 degree turns


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  • Hubsan X4 Quadcopter:



Super easy to fly with stability through 6-axis gyro, incredibly durable, ideal for the first timers, lithium polymer battery, 4-channel controller, ready to fly indoors or outdoors.


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  • UDI U818A:




Reliable with 4-channel radio and a 6-axis gyro for controllable and easy fly for beginners, First Person Viewing (FPV) camera, strong motor and high capacity battery in a modular design for easy and quick installation of parts, affordable considering the features encompassed, highly popular brand and model for kids.


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