What Can I Do with a Mini Drone

Mini drones are perhaps one of the hottest topics in the world of consumer electronics. When it comes to finding where mini drones mainly used are, most of us would get some frightening replies such as for smuggling drugs or invading privacy of someone. However, if you ask what I can do with a mini drone, the options are quite positive and beneficial, unlike the aforementioned ones.


Even after getting more popularity than before, mini drones are often believed to be just toys with a remote control. However, their usage is no longer restricted to kid’s fun. Although many mini forms like helicopters and quadcopters are designed only to be toys, other forms such as professional copters, mini drones with camera and hobby drones tend to uplift the versatility level.


Mini Drone Uses


  • Catching Events: Drones are known to catch the ongoing acts like no other. Whether it is a wedding or birthday, sport competition or speech ceremony, or party or seminar, professional mini drones can act like a flyting digital camera.


  • Animal Watching: A few mini drones come with live casting mechanism while taking a video in the wild. Such modes are ideal for those who like watching nature and spotting animals in the national park. Using a drone ensures quite stunning shots of good quality.


  • Tracking Battlefield Risks: Mini drones can help the army or even you to spy around the vulnerable area for spotting threats, through their sparrow size design. The pocket-sized models are unbelievably sturdy to perform in windy conditions within 800 meters. They can fly for 30 minutes before the next recharge.


  • Reviewing Different Stuff: Mini drones are ideal for taking a bird’s eye view of different things on Earth from air and then fly close to see what it is or whether it is on the right place or not. Such ability is ideal for reviewing properties and other different places. You can even use a mini drone for checking the conditions of gutters that have clogged or become full of junk stuff such as leaves. Some models may now show it live, but they have the option to store the image or video on the memory card for later view. You can also use the drone to keep an eye on the health of plants and crops in the nearby lawn or field, respectively. These are the activities wherein miniature spy drones are handy.


  • Social Work: Mini drones can perfectly take up delivery tasks. They can help ship medicines to those who cannot move or come out of their homes and deliver letters just as birds in ancient times.


  • Simply Spying: Do it on your own responsibility… 🙂


Prior to Buying and Using a Mini Drone: What You Need to Know


Mini drones are not that difficult to learn and use. However, there are some vital things for you to know before you shop them. Some rules exist for you to adhere to, before flying it in the air. All these rules make up the legal requirements.


  • Mini Drone Legal/Law: Recently, it has become mandatory to have a pilot license in some regions although it may not be applicable to the recreational or toy models used indoors. However, it is wise to check the laws in your area before operating one. Moreover, you need to follow the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules, of which the most important ones being keeping the flight in sight and not flying above people. You should go through its safety guidelines, considering that limitations exist even for the areas where you can fly. For instance, it is not allowed to fly a drone in 5 miles of an airport. Here is an interactive map from Mapbox, indicating the no-fly areas.



How do mini drones work


The most popular ones are radio-controlled with over two rotors or propellers, commonly known as multi-rotors. Although drones can come with several rotors, three versions are popular namely, quadcopters propelled by four rotors, hexacopters with six rotors, and octocopters with eight rotors. Unlike single or double rotors, multiple rotors utilize fixed-pitch blades to control the drone’s motion via speed configuration of each rotor for modifying the torque and thrust. They are ideal for both experienced and beginners due to easier control and simpler propeller mechanics.

  • Camera: This component is essential to show your aerial skills or stunts. Whether add-on or built-in, a camera can help you grab those dramatic vistas at low-resolution (640 x 480) and then cast it live or store it on an internal card for later viewing. If you choose a more sophisticated option, you can expect HD video capture, First-Person View (FPV) for an eye view to a tab or phone.


  • Batteries: Most mini drones come with 10 to 20 minutes of performance without recharging. This means that the battery life is not that great, which means that you need to carry an extra set for continual recording or capturing while flying. While cheap drones come with batteries that cannot be removed, other mini models come with removable batteries. Of all the battery types available, consider buying a lithium polymer one, as that is the lightest one.


  • Repair: Mini drones are not that sturdy as professional or heavy-duty models due to which they are always vulnerable to crashes, regardless of what the adverts say. This does not mean that a good mini model will not come with protective features, such as frame protector and shields to safeguard the electronics as well as rotors. Sometimes, things simply go wrong to give you damaged parts. Therefore, ensure that these parts such as struts and propellers are easily replaceable.


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